The Montana Vineyard is a website designed to deliver up to date information about the Churches of Christ around the state of Montana. This site provides a list of Montana Churches, Montana Church Information,  a Church photo album, and a calendar of statewide events,. We want to encourage all congregations to participate.

Instructions for signing up to administer your Church Information:

  1. Choose login and sign up as a new account
  2. Choose "Contact Us" and send an e-mail requesting that your login be given the role of "Church Admin"
  3. The Vineyard Site Manager will assign the role of "Church Admin" to your login after contacting your Church leadership to verify that you have been authorized this role.
  4. You will receive an e-mail stating that you have been given the role of "Church Admin."
  5. User your login and password to enter the site.
  6. You may now perform the following functions for your Church
    1. Enter events on the statewide calendar
    2. Enter information about your Church, including history if you desire
    3. Enter pictures into the Church photo album
    4. Enter names and contact information for your Church leaders

There can be more than one person at any one Church assigned the role of "Church Admin" which allows sharing the duties of keeping up events, Church information and the Church photo album.

Text Editing Instructions for those entering church comments and church history:

  1. Enter ".." (two periods) at the end of each paragraph to start a new paragraph.
  2. Enter "**" on a blank line which will cause the display to show a blank line.
  3. Enter "**.." on a blank line to cause the display to have two blank lines.

We are considering adding the following enhancements:

  1. A Church leadership directory
  2. A missions information and photo album section
  3. Christian school information